Professionally Speaking & Team Building

“We enlisted Rick to be the MC and quizmaster at our wedding last week and he was absolutely amazing! Although not his usual type of gig he was so enthusiastic to take on the roles and was an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end. Every single one of our guests had something great to say about Rick! He was truly a delight, entertaining our guests and running the night. We would highly recommend him to everyone! Thanks for everything Rick :)”

Professionally Speaking...



Rick Sahar was awarded the 2011 Best Variety Artist Award from Variety Artists NZ for his successful career as a multi-talented entertainer.


Event Host; M. C.
Do you require an entertaining host who can handle your crowd and run your event to time and with flair and humour? Contact Rick Sahar as he has the knowledge and experience from 30 years as a professional entertainer to help ensure your event will be fun, successful and memorable for all.

After Dinner Speaker
Looking for an entertaining and informative after dinner speaker? Rick Sahar has moving personal stories and fun entertainment he can weave together as a presentation to suit your time requirements and adapted to your theme and message.

Hoax Speaker
Do you require a Venezuelan Petroleum expert, a past member of the US Secret Service, a famous author of self-help, get-rich books, or just about anyone else? As a “late entry keynote speaker”, Rick can invent a character to suit your event, weaving together fact and fiction in a most entertaining way.


Team Building Activities

Looking to energise, inform, inspire or reward your team? Contact me to discuss these possibilities, and more…

Flappers & Gangsters Murder Mystery
This is great interactive entertainment suitable for team-building. People from your group will be “murder suspects”, act out scenes from a script I provide, while others will read out clues, then all will help solve the murder – and as there is no one “right” answer, we will appreciate all creative and outrageous solutions. Involves playing a character,  acting out scenes, improvisation and a whole lot of fun.

Juggling Seminar
This is a lively and fun 30-45 minute session where I can guarantee that over 90% of participants will overcome their self-imposed limitations in thinking “I can’t do that” to learn to juggle with my special “trainee juggling balls”. The Juggling Seminar can also work as a short, interactive show during a training session or as a dinner presentation, adapted to the message your organisation would like to send to your participants.

Clown Workshop
This workshop is an opportunity to extend ourselves and explore the clown within us all; the side that is full of wonder and sees all from anew, like a young child, behind the mask of the Clown’s red nose. Along with juggling, mime and other clown-oriented skills, the workshop would take about 2-3hrs and is adaptable to convey the theme or message you want for your participants.




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