banner-manuelManuel Towers is live entertainment based on the “Manuel” character from the BBC “Fawlty Towers” TV series. Manuel can perform from a short show through to a full evening’s entertainment; from welcoming your guests, interacting table-side, a funny “stage” show and act as your MC to introduce the speeches and awards you may have planned – all depending on your entertainment requirements.

Manuel’s show is interactive and includes many comedy skits, including flamenco-style guitar and even a cameo appearance by Manuel’s hamster (rat)! Manuel could also perform a very funny, short “stage” show that would include the “Barcelona Dance of Love” and even a magic act; the perfect “finale” before speeches (Manuel could also be your MC).

Here’s my Manuel (as from Fawlty Towers) delivering a “Manuelogram” at Richard’s 60th birthday party at Cin Cin Restaurant, Wellington, NZ. Check out Manuel in action and the party’s great response, playing along and having fun with Manuel, (and the bewildered look from the woman being seated at the next table) by clicking on the image below… and if you watch it all, you will hear Richard’s review of the show after Manuel leaves!

“I have performed the Manuel Towers show throughout NZ, and have also taken this show to Australia, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea. In 2011, I was awarded “Best Variety Artist” by The Variety Artists Club NZ.”

Manuel at Dockside Melbourne Cup Day cropped


Manuel entertaining table-side during Melbourne Cup Day at Dockside Restaurant, Wellington, NZ.






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