“Clowning around is no joke. It is actually an important component to achieving true wisdom. There is indeed no wisdom as clear and as deep as the wisdom that was achieved through jesting, for humor opens the heart and mind so that wisdom can be absorbed more wholly. Therefore, the masters would always begin their teachings with jesting.”
From, Sefer Ha’Zohar, Vol 3, folio 47b

Rick's Limmud PhotoRick Sahar has been a professional entertainer since 1984 and it is his job to help make your event successful. He brings to his work experience, skills and talent honed from having performed shows throughout New Zealand, Australia and other countries that will make your event fun, unique and memorable.

“I offer a variety of shows, from short “ice-breakers”, team-building activities, after-dinner speaking, through to a full evening’s entertainment. Also, as a competent event host/M.C., I bring a listening ear to help plan your next special event and ensure it will be fun, successful and memorable for all… I love going to work! ”

Please feel free to contact Rick for a quote – any event large or small, corporate or private.


Just who does Rick Sahar think he is?!

Rick started performing by being forced by his parents to sing for their guests, possibly an offence that could put parents into jail these days. Making his first stage appearance at the tender age of 6 years as the owl in the school play, Rick was inspired by the rapturous applause and delirious response to his “hooo hooooo” (a fledgling character actor). Rick knew even back then he had a greater purpose to fulfill during this reincarnation – well, maybe not in those exact words…

Amateur and community theatre followed Rick throughout his life (‘hey – who are those guys in funny get-ups?’) and led to him realising his childhood dream of becoming a professional entertainer – since people laugh at him anyway, he should be able to make some money from it, don’t you think?

So at the tender age of 30, Rick turned professional and never looked back again. Since then Rick has performed shows from Invercargill to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, PNG and Waipukurau (and points in between and not-so-in-between). Rick is available to offer a professional show at your special event.Professionally Speaking...


Awarded the 2011 “Top Variety Artist” by Variety Artists Association NZ.



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